Monday, March 26, 2012

The Lowbrow Getdown 2012 is GO!

We are locked and loaded on a killer summertime event we haven't had since 2010, The Lowbrow Getdown. It's going down on Saturday, July 14th, 2012 in NE Ohio at Nelson's Ledges Quarry Park. Come ride motorcycles, camp, drink beer, swim in the sea of summertime and generally do everything that most people get into motorcycles for in the first place. You can find all the details for why you need to be there on the Lowbrow Getdown event page as well as the event page on Facebook.

Eating wieners and other such fun activities are a guaranteed good time.

Take a nice dip or do a flip off a cliff.

Motorcycle riders will be in attendance.

These guys like to party.


Mike said...

I am not 21, Could I still come or do you bros not let the young guns in?

Tyler said...

Mike, come on out! Campground is 18 and over. Of course you can't drink our beer but there is plenty of fun!

jake said...

anyone riding out of chicago down 80 90 tollroad through northwest indiana i can tag on with?

Tyler said...

Jake, check out the Facebook event page, if you are on facebook:

You might hook up with more people there. We had some Chicago representation in 2010, our buddy Ironhead Brian came out

Jake B said...

Hell Ya this sounds like a great time. Id be coming from good ole WNY. Just got to get my bike back together befor then!

Clint Spence said...

Fuck yes! The Mantua, OH crew will definitely be there. We'll have a few gifts for the Lowbrow posse as well! We're all extremely excited, yall. Lets party.