Thursday, March 1, 2012

Enter: The Milwaukee Murderer

Initially, I intended to keep this bike top secret until I rolled it out totally finished at Born Free 4 in June. However, I am just too stoked on the whole process and I want to share it as I am sure they are some people out there who will be as excited about it as I am. Some of these photos and this info was already posted on the Born Free 4 blog, as I am an invited builder this year and this is the bike I am building to bring to the show. There are a lot of top notch guys building bikes for Born Free 4, and I am honored and humbled to be amongst them.

Test fitting the stainless steel motor plates.
 I decided to build a dual engine Triumph land speed bike, since dual engine race bikes are about the coolest thing in the world as far as I am concerned. I went down for a week and stayed with my friend Dave Bird (you may have seen his frames and hardtails before) in Missouri and we spent a few days making this frame; his many years of fabrication experience were much appreciated and I learned quite a bit during my visit.

The frame starting to take place, the jig being built along with the frame.
 Being a dual engine 650 c.c. this will put me in the 1350 displacement class at Bonneville Speed Week 2012, where I intend to knock some knuckles and pans out of the record book, hence the title of the bike, 'Milwaukee Murderer'. Progress has been slow but steady on this build, pretty much every single part of it is hand made or modified. Stay tuned for more photos and build progress. - Tyler

Almost done, still needs finish welding and a couple of cross braces.

Bucks made out of 2" x 8" to hammerform some aluminum for a gas tank.

Rad wheels that came off of Al Lonneville's Triumph flat tracker, getting reworked for glory on the salt.

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