Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lowbrow Customs Featured in New Triumph Brochures

A few weeks ago we got an interesting phone call. Some of our photos, taken by Lowbrow team photographer Jon Glover, were of interest to Triumph Motorcycles. We just got some of the new line sheets for 2012, the flip side being a poster featuring Kyle running down the Salt Flats on his 1967 Triumph at Bonneville Speed Week this year! Pretty rad, and we are honored. Keep your eyes open for them at your local Triumph dealership. The only down side is Kyle's head grew some more and now he needs to buy a bigger helmet, hah!


ozmarty127 said...

triumph no class when they see it.

Anonymous said...

Very cool guys, looks like you're in the big time now. It doesnt get any better than this. I already looked for it at the dealerships with no luck yet. If this keeps up you'll be bigger than life. Incredible !

CW said...

this is awesome guys..congrats!