Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Customer Bike Spotlight: Dean's 1956 Triumph 'Gold Digger'

"The name of the bike is Gold Digger which held true during the building of the bike. I think we all know how fast these projects can get out of hand and how broke you truly can become at times. Also I know how much time/money and effort this bike will require in the future like a true Gold Digging Bitch.

1956 T-110 650cc 4 speed
It has a 12v conversion and a Joe Hunt Magneto.
I went with a Biltwell Chumps handlebar and a narrow Freddy Hernandez springer front end, no front brake.
It has a horseshoe oil tank, 16-130 rear tire, and a stock rear drum break all on a David Bird hardtail with a 2" stretch and 2" drop.

The pretty stuff:
Paint is Pagan Gold Metalflake over Birch White (by SteveO at Liquid Illusions) with red pin striping (by Vince Balistreri)
Leather seat by Duane Ballard

Fabrication was by Jimmy Dell and engine work was by Deep South Cycles in Mississippi.

- Dean"

The Gold Digger's humble beginnings.


magno-2040 said...

Hi my name is Oskr, im from Mexico and im trying to make my Triumph Bobber Project 69 650cc I'm in the wheels troubles, in Mx we can't found everything then i most buy the items outside of my country, i wrote because i need to know what is the bigger tire what can i instal in my ride, the rear wheel is de original 18 inches, In fact it has 130/90/18 but i found a bumper from a Indian that was wide than tire, do you know what's the bigest tire what i can instal in my bike??? it allready has a hard tail, if you know who can help me i will be glad!!! your bike looks amazing!!!

magno-2040 said...
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