Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lowbrow Panhead: Painted and Done (for now)!

Just got the tins back yesterday morning from Joe Koenigsmark / Angel Dust Cycle Paint. Joe is the talented gent who painted my green '55 Triumph land speed bike last year. Along with his brother Jerry they run Jerry's House of Kolors in Elyria, Ohio. If you have a bike or car and you want a killer 60's paint job, hit them up. Their dad started the shop in 1957, so it's in their blood.

Got the pipes chromed as well, and Kyle's girlfriend Ava went OCD on my bike with a bunch of q-tips, rags and polishing compound and made it look nicer than ever. The bike and myself will be out at Born Free 3 next weekend, hope to see you there!

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beanmachine said...

looks tight with that paint