Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Office.

Here is a shot of where I work for a good chunk of the day. I am sitting here right now typing this blog entry. I wanted to show off my signed Raplh Steadman print that I bought for myself a year ago, I finally got it back from being framed and hung it up. If you don't know Ralph Steadman, he is the artist who did the illustrations for HST. Among the clutter and paper, finned timing cover and cast Hunt mag and Pan springer hobknob with scribbled notes, reciepts and to-do lists from Kyle.



Unkl Ian said...

I was expecting something more Opulent and Ostentatious, with carved marble and solid Gold.

Maybe that is the OTHER office.

Mr Saturday Night himself: Matt Smith said...

Love that Steadman print. Dude, you have the life, never take it for granted.