Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aussie Invasion at Bonneville Speed Week!

One of the first days of racing I see this bike on the start line while I am waiting for my turn to run. I literally did a double take, took some pics and watched the bike take off....a Vincent...Really?! It was another day or so before we got to meet this crew from the other side of the globe. Ends up they were here to run at Speed Week then stay on and run the BUB trials also, all in all they were spending about 5 weeks in the US traveling in between just crushing records in their classes.
L to R: Mal Hewett, Shane Hicks, Mark Hamilton (Digger), Bill Lockwood, Col Kranz, and Paul Wilkins and their World Record Holding Vincent!
Here is most of the Aussie crew, along with my dad, Tyler and myself waiting in line for one of our last runs at Speed Week.
These guys are the real deal, they left Australia and came halfway around the world to race the salt and make some history. And evidently terrorize some casino waitresses I hear! Hope to see you guys next Speed Week!

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