Friday, December 18, 2009

Remembering Bud Ekins...

Here’s a quote from Trailblazers about Bud’s racing career:
“In the 1950s, Bud Ekins was one of the first Americans to compete in Europe in the World Championship Motocross Grand Prix circuit. He also earned gold medals in the International Six Day Trial (now International Six Day Enduro). When he returned from Europe, Ekins dominated desert events. In 1955, riding a Triumph, Ekins won the Catalina Grand Prix. He also won the Big Bear Run - three times!”

Bud & Steve McQueen at the start of the 1964 Greenhorn Enduro

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Leighton Jones said...

In 1961 on his way back from Finland ISDT Bud stopped off at London Airport and loaned us his films of him winning the "Catalina Grand Prix" and the "Big Bear Runs"
Is it possible to get a copy on DVD please?
We had him as our Honary President of the East Surrey T.O.M.C.C. for some years and had a Badge made in his Honour and we had a blessing done in Guildford Cathedral.